December 14, 2010

More Posts Incoming…

    Probably. We had a heck of an interesting season and I've been busy getting settled into the post-season. It's my hope that I'll be able to find more time to write articles and get some more philosophizing done. Some season highlights:

  • Lose our (likely D-I when he's finished) junior starting QB for most of the season to a mis-diagnosed broken foot
  • Got beat a combined 88-22 the first two weeks.
  • Reclaimed our rivalry trophy after a stupid-ass DC made a lousy game plan that surrendered it for the first time last year.
  • Went either 5-3-2 with 2 OT tie breakers or 7-3, depending on how you're scoring at home. According to our league, we're 5-3-2.
  • Lost in the first round of playoffs to the eventual section champion, who beat our week 2 opponent for the title.
  • Placed had 4/5 of our OL and ¾ of our DL make 1st or 2nd team all-league, all but one of which are juniors.
  • I almost got fired during pregame one week.
  • Graduated my first group of 4-year players, coached 'em from freshman to seniors. Very sad to see some of them go, especially our ILB/FB. Great kid, gonna be a damn good position coach if he wants it.
  • I became a much better coach, albeit at the expense of some sanity/happiness. I work for a very difficult man, but there's no doubt that he's helped me a lot.

Not sure what the offseason holds, there's a lot of issues in the air. I'm definitely going to keep posting here, hopefully the readership hasn't completely abandoned me. As a sort of manifesto for what I'm going to be writing about, here's what I've been researching and planning on talking about in the coming months:

  • Belly Series football, a frequently popular topic on CoachHuey. I'm hoping to maybe set up a mini-interview or two with Lochness and Groundchuck from Huey, both of whom have a great thing going with their belly series offenses.
  • John Wooden. Great man, very good coach, I've been learning a lot about him and his philosophy.
  • John Gagliardi. Same reasons, basically.
  • Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Great book so far, pretty dense reading though. Hoping to finish it and have a write-up over Christmas vacation.
  • More 3-4 stuff. For being a pretty heavy 3-4 devotee, I haven't written all that much about it.
  • Whatever catches my fancy. I have the unfortunate trait that everything interests me, so it frequently feels like I'm just bouncing between topics going "Oooh, shiny…"

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