December 21, 2010

Website Plug: Reasoning With Vampires


    I friggin' hate Twilight for oh so many reasons. I hate what it's done to vampires, once a cool part of literature and movies. I hate that it's spawned some absolutely awful movies. I hate that it batters teenage girls over the head with the idea that a profoundly unhealthy relationship is romantic and desirable. But I REALLY hate that it's written by someone who doesn't seem to have any idea of what proper sentence structure, syntax, or punctuation is. It's incredible how poorly written it is. To that end, I present you with one of my favorite internet things:

    The wonderful author of the blog posts images of scanned pages of Twilight with the necessary grammatical corrections, plus commentary. I giggle sometimes at how much I love it. I'm like, 90% sure I'd date the author. Do yourself, your children, and your country a favor: enjoy how BAD Twilight is, one snarky post at a time.


  1. vampires are an interesting lot.
    Since their existence, they have straddled the line between wanton romanticism and outright homosexuality. Given the current femme incarnation of the lore, it begs the question of what transpires when a lustful count attempts to sexually devour an unsuspecting prey who has eaten a garlic-laden spaghetti dinner?


  2. Went on a date with a girl recently and it came out that she enjoys the Twilight series... I'm compromising my morals on this one, but it's for the best reason I could think of!