March 25, 2013


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My thoughts:
   I'm super in love with Coach Grabowski's offense at Baldwin Wallace.  It's EXACTLY what I would like to run as a potential HC/OC.  Pistol, 11/12 personnel, Downhill run and playaction focus, concept carryover galore.  It's like he read my mind, then said, "This guy is clearly an idiot, it should be done this way" and then did it.
   For all of that fanboy-ism, I think EVERYONE (note: that's everyone with an iPad since it's iBooks only) should buy this book because of this: it's the best executed example of how to teach an offense to ANYONE I've ever seen.  The book describes the concepts, includes Keynote (Apple version of PowerPoint) presentations of coaching points and key ideas, shows diagrams of the plays, then shows film of the plays themselves.  As coaches, we should aspire to have the most efficient ways to install/teach our offenses or defenses and make sure that our players understand and comprehend what we're trying to get them to do.
   If you want to approach it as a educator, this is a concrete example of appealing to multiple learning styles, especially if you are talking to them as you go through everything, which you will be.  If you have them take their own notes, then you're hitting another learning style.  If you then have an on-field walk-through as your pre-practice, you're hitting another.  I'll defy you to find a better way to present information to kids in a way that they will have stronger recall or understanding, especially when dealing with time constraints like we all have.
   So, again, this book is an amazing example of how to teach ANYTHING to our players.  Plus it's pretty bitchin' technology.  Further reading on Coach Grabowski: Coach Grab on AFM's Site.


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